Overview of versions

The development of KoppeltaalGGZ happens in close cooperation with the ICT-community and GGZ organisations. The functionalities per version and planning is as follows:

Current release 1.3.2

Koppeltaal release was a bug fixes release. Most prominent changes were bug fixes and fixes from Pentest.

For more information please check: https://support.koppeltaal.nl/9-blog/41-releases-9


In development

Version 1.3.5
Links between ROM and EPD systems.

For reasons of continuity the versions 1.3.2, 1.3.5 en 1.4 will be supported for a period of three years (ending 2020). Stichting Koppeltaal guarantees migration and interoperability between versions 1.x en 2.x.


Planned/design fase

Version 1.4
EPD e-health links, self service API’s for contract management, development, connecting and support

Version 2.0
Upgrade to most recent HL7 FHIR standard and connection to ZIBs.


Previous releases

A log of alle previous Koppeltaal releases is available on our support environment: https://koppeltaal.github.io/documentation/koppeltaal-1.2/koppeltaal-server-releases/.

More information about releases

For exact roadmap information we invite you to send and e-mail to support@koppeltaal.nl.